Our language is changing unnoticeably with major consequences.

What we used to say from person to person, can now be said billions of times at once, with just the same effort by using algorithms.

These algorithms can talk with people, organisations, governments, machines and artificial intelligence. Algorithms can translate meaning into different languages, reach the entire world in a split second, decide who is and who is not to be informed and so on.

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Until recently, language has always been a common good and served our common benefits to communicate. With the introduction of algorithms into the use of language, this could change. In fact, the more powerful algorithms become in language, the higher the risk that the algorithm owners want to use the algorithms for their own interest at the cost of everyone else.

In other words, we stand to lose our common benefits to use language, whereas on the other hand, language becomes more powerful.

1LANGUAGE aims to be a commonly owned, powerful and freely available set of algorithms for everyone to unite in meaning and value among languages, people, organisations, machines and artificial intelligence.

1LANGUAGE is to enable everyone in their own information and communication rights, including the right and access to use ever-more-powerful language.

Please become a part of the 1LANGUAGE initiative, because language should unite!


1LANGUAGE is a “smart language” and first of its kind.

A smart language is just like a traditional language that you can speak, read or listen to, yet it is composed out of small algorithmic parts that make it do things that go well beyond the abilities of traditional languages.

1LANGUAGE can translate a language into other languages and understand questions and reply to them in almost all frequently spoken languages. It also facilitates machines, products and things to speak with humans and vice versa.

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When we use English, the English language is ours to speak, ours to read and ours to write. That commonality of language is considered self-evident in today's society.

With the arrival of the digital and virtual age, language becomes increasingly interwoven with algorithms, leading to smart languages and artificial intelligence. Those algorithms become increasingly powerful and are almost exclusively not commonly owned and accessible. The 'languages we search in' are an example of this. In order to use them, we need to give up part of our privacy and information positions. This trend is likely to intensify should we not take a radically different approach.

1LANGUAGE is a commonly managed smart language that is more beneficial to collective interests and above all, open, freely available and accessible to everyone and everything.

Because language should unite.

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1LANGUAGE is part of the Internet of Entities. This new internet is based on 'nature's uniting design principles' and introduces a new set of technologies for information and communication.

Nature is built around the unification of information and value. In this section we provide some background and examples of how the Internet of Entities and 1LANGUAGE in particular work on the basis of these uniting natural design principles.

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Learn more about the timelines of 1LANGUAGE, its past, present and future to get an idea where we came from and where we are heading to.

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Above all else, 1LANGUAGE is for everyone and everything. Additionally, 1LANGUAGE is designed to facilitate unity in diversity, for people, organizations, things, uses, languages and cultures. The 1LANGUAGE initiative is supported by users, contributors, sponsors, implementers and members.

Learn more about the different groups of people, their interests and contributions that make 1LANGUAGE to what it is.

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