Realising something with 1LANGUAGE's objectives is not realised overnight.

This is a journey with many ups and downs and we have experienced already quite a few, will meet others but are on course to deliver and feel confident about this.

Learn more about the timelines of 1LANGUAGE, and see where we have been, where we are and where we are heading.

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Elipse splash
First conceptualisation of a Uniform Economic Transaction Protocol (UETP)
Starting off in the Netherlands in an open community setting with organisations and individuals with different backgrounds.
UETP is part of a larger systemic vision, based on uniting natural design principles that facilitate information and value to unite rather than to divide.
Stichting FOCAFET Foundation is formally incorporated to represent common interests and maintain UETP openly available and accessible to everyone. Rapid community growth.
UETP evolves from a super interface proposition to an entity information solution, resulting in an Internet of Entities. UETP becomes the Uniform Entity and Transaction Protocol.
Further community growth, more globally, with increased interest from public sector
The entity model evolves further with entity types and subtypes that facilitate enhanced entity interactions (the entity autonomously interacting with its network).
Collective interest proves hard to safeguard. Select number of community members with collective concerns to continue discretely. Remainder community gradually fades away.
The Internet of Entities becomes interlingual.
Attempts to regrow community, collective interest still not sufficiently safeguarded.
Activities are reorganised, rebranded, regrouped into 1COMMUNITY with three subcommunities: 1LANGUAGE, 1SPACETIME and 1VALUE
Focus on solutions first, development speeds up. No longer present in public domain, till more mature product launch.
Introduction of quantum semantics, facilitating improved universal meaning and understanding. Interlingual possibility to query information.
Renewed interest for evolved propositions with more serious attention to collective interests. 1LANGUAGE / UETP attracts new community members.
Preliminary launch of 1LANGUAGE portal. Mass gathering of interlingual concepts and translations. Publish first part of “Ontology for a new era” on uniting natural design principles.
Establishing legal framework for first partners to work together respecting collective interests. Launch of community portal is expected to create new traction.
Global launch of multilingual 1LANGUAGE dictionary with supporting documentation and tools. Publish part two “Ontology for a new era” on uniting information and communication.
After first implementations and results, fast community growth expected with several international bases to work from.
Facilitate the Internet of Entities with first U3ID distributed identifier infrastructure. Publish part three “Ontology for a new era” on uniting value.
Reaching mature network community status with diversified global presence.