What is 1LANGUAGE?

1LANGUAGE is a “smart language” and first of its kind.

A smart language is just like a traditional language that you can speak, read or listen to, yet it is composed out of small algorithmic parts that make it do things that go well beyond the abilities of traditional languages.

For example, 1LANGUAGE can translate itself into other languages or understand questions and reply to them in almost all frequently spoken languages. It also facilitates machines, products and things to speak with humans and vice versa, and for machines to communicate between themselves. 1LANGUAGE aids us to control and manage who can engage with our information on what terms and much more. With 1LANGUAGE, regular language or data becomes 'hyperstructured', enriched with (far) more context than regular structured information. Hyperstructure creates the next and fifth wave in communication technology and enables a new socioeconomic evolutionary state, opening many new possibilities.

Wave Information structure Communication technology examples Economic focus Societal organization
1 Unrecorded, offline, unstructured Verbal Hunter gatherer Families and tribes
2 Recorded, offline, unstructured Handwritten texts Agricultural Villages and cities
3 Recorded, offline, structured Telephone, television, machine written texts Industrial National
4 Recorded, online, structured Internet of applications Digital Global
5 Recorded, online, hyperstructured Internet of entities Virtual Omnipresent

1LANGUAGE is a collective driven initiative with purposes to

Unite in connectivity, language, communication, use and value propositions

Bring the control and ownership of information back to the user

Make smart language accessible and free to use for everyone.

1LANGUAGE is based on 'natural uniting design principles' and an open and free to use internet protocol, the Uniform Entity and Transaction Protocol, or in short UETP.

UETP and 1LANGUAGE enable information to become smart and hyperstructured, providing the following functions for information:

Declare - Define





Query - Search